Artist Heidi Simpkins will create a painting for a lucky bidder as part of the Silent Auction at our Gala on September 27 at the Hotel Vancouver.

Heidi combines her love of nature and animals into her art. She comes from a family of artists, who have been a huge source of inspiration to her along her art journey. She has a fascination with the feel of the brushstroke as it meets the canvas creating a colour and shape ready for exploration and expression.

Whether she is working on ocean waves or animal faces, Heidi is all about expressing a depth of emotion. Her animal eyes especially invite the viewer to explore a heartfelt connection to the image. Heidi loves working with bold colours and large canvases, which allows her to express freely. She is thankful to be able to paint what she loves.

You can find more information about our Gala and how to purchase tickets here. Or you can call us at 604-924-9771.