Nature has inspired many artists to create beautiful works, and in turn their art has inspired many people to marvel at the beauty of nature. The Nature Trust of BC celebrates this connection between artists and nature with the Artist of the Year Award.

In honour of our 50th Anniversary, and the Federation of Canadian Artists’ 80th Anniversary, we collaborated to award The Nature Trust of British Columbia Artist of the Year, and present an exhibition that highlights the natural riches of BC. With artworks featuring seascapes, majestic birds, snowy hills and dense forests, the exhibition is a true representation of the beauty of nature. Explore the awe-inspiring works in the virtual gallery and experience the wonders of our province.

While we were amazed by every artwork, the Artist of the Year was awarded to Gaye Adams for her painting “A perfect Morning – Lemmen’s Inlet”. This one of a kind artwork depicts a landscape familiar to many BC residents, and inspires the feeling of exploring the coasts of BC. Gaye speaks to the motivation behind her painting:

“The body of my work revolves around depicting the wild places and unspoiled habitats within our province and along our coast.  I have travelled up to the Great Bear Rainforest several times now, the first being on the project “Art for an Oil Free Coast” in 2012.  Since then I have returned several times to paint and photograph, as I feel a special affinity for the area.

My painting “A Perfect Morning – Lemmen’s Inlet” is a little further south than the Great Bear Rainforest.  It is an inlet off of Muir’s Island, about 9 km by boat off the coast from Tofino.  It is a place I know well, and its beauty never ceases to inspire me.  It depicts a view from the canoe on an early summer morning.  Scenes like these, with wonderful light cast on pristine nature, make my heart sing and drive me to the easel in the hope of transporting the viewer to these places, thus fostering an appreciation of our beautiful province and how precious our natural heritage is.    I hope my paintings spark joy in the viewer, and along with that a desire to preserve our amazing wild habitats.”

Here at The Nature Trust of BC, we hope that artists will continue to create artworks that reflect the natural wonders of this province. We will continue to protect these landscapes so they can inspire artists for generations to come.