Come explore Princeton Grasslands – MapleCross Meadow, through 1,048 hectares of open native grassland stretching as far as the eye can see. Look out over the distant mounds, tinged purple with summer flowers and glowing in the afternoon light.

Walk through the gold and green grasses and calmly observe cows and deer grazing in the fields around you. You wonder how many mule deer will wander the snow-covered fields in the winter when they descend from the mountains.

Look for the abundant wildlife, more at-risk species surviving in this habitat than anywhere else in BC. You search for the yellow and red flash of a Williamson’s sapsucker, or the distinctive blue and rust-coloured barn swallows.

Pass by the other ecosystems of this diverse property, with evergreen forests and secret ponds hidden within the riparian vegetation.

As the sun begins to set with golden rays across the grassy hills, you contemplate the end of The Nature Trust’s 50th year. Princeton Grasslands – MapleCross Meadow, so full of beauty and life, is one of many landscapes that have become a legacy of conservation with The Nature Trust. As the sun will rise again tomorrow over the wild grasslands, so will a new year of conservation dawn for The Nature Trust of BC.

“This is a spectacular property due to its natural beauty, conservation values and size. Vast grasslands stretch to the horizon, clumps of trees dot the landscape and a creek winds through the property. Eagles soar overhead and deer graze on the grass. Many species, including some of BC’s most at risk, live here. This is why we are working to protect this property.”

  • Julian Zelazny, Director of Conservation Land Securement


  • Between 2019 and 2021, the Nature Trust of BC acquired 2,600 acres of a very special property called Princeton Grasslands, through three phases of acquisition. This property conserves open native grassland, which covers less than 1% of BC’s land base but supports more threatened and endangered plants and animals than any other habitat type in the province.
  • The property contains Important Habitat for two SARA Schedule 1 species: Endangered Williamson’s Sapsucker and Threatened Lewis’s Woodpecker. There was an incidental observation of the Endangered American Badger, also on SARA Schedule 1
  • Princeton Grasslands is adjacent to provincially identified Ungulate Winter Range for mule deer and mule deer have been observed on this property.