Let us take you through Little Levin Lake, a unique property in the Peace River Region that protects an entire lake and its surrounding wetlands.

We start through the forests of tall, willowy aspens, lodgepole pines and larches. The bright green leaves of highbush cranberry brush past your legs, the thorns of wild roses catching. A red squirrel scampers up a nearby tree, and along the bark you see scratches from the antlers of an elk.

The ground grows soft between your feet as you emerge into a muskeg bog, black and white spruces visible throughout. In the distance you spot a grizzly bear, far away but you leave it plenty of space.

Ahead you see Little Levin Lake, nestled in the surrounding vegetation with a cool breeze rippling its surface. A common loon takes off from the water, mallards quacking at the movement. The lake and its surrounding wetlands are beautiful, full of wildlife that thrives when the natural land is protected.

“A true jewel of the north, the lovely property includes an entire 16 hectare lake, associated wetlands, muskeg, and mixed forest, home to moose, bear, and wolverine.”

  • Carleton MacNaughton, Lower Mainland Conservation Land Manager


  • In 2012, the Nature Trust of BC acquired a 63-hectare conservation property called Little Levin Lake. Little Levin Lake conserves a lake and its surrounding wetlands in the Peace River region.
  • The property has the potential to support: 2 Red-listed and 10 Blue-listed ecological communities; 11 Red-listed and 33 Blue-listed plant species; and 14 Red-listed and 32 Blue-listed species of wildlife.
  • Little Levin Lake is also home to numerous bird species including red-tailed hawk, osprey, mallard, barn owl, great grey owl, red-necked grebe (nesting), Bonaparte’s gull, tree swallow, Savannah sparrow, American robin, and common loon.