The Heart of Savary

News Release  |  North Vancouver, BC— The Nature Trust of British Columbia is delighted to announce that the “Heart of Savary” is protected.

The “Heart of Savary” is 350 acres in the centre of Savary Island, a northern Gulf Island between Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. It features one of the best examples of coastal sand dunes in Canada and provides habitat for two at-risk plants: Grey Beach Peavine and Contorted-pod Evening-primrose.

Sixteen years ago The Nature Trust of BC acquired a 50% interest in this land with support from the provincial government. Now with the Friends of Savary DL 1375 and the Savary Island Land Trust (SILT), we have been able to acquire the remaining 50% interest. (Officially registered as District Lot 1375 and Lots 35 and 36.)

“Thanks to the Friends of Savary DL 1375, the Savary Island Land Trust and all the people who donated to make this project possible. We are overwhelmed by their generosity and enthusiasm for land conservation,” said Dr. Jasper Lament, CEO of The Nature Trust of BC. “Together we are creating a legacy for future generations.”

This “Heart of Savary” is also home to some old forest and second growth forest, and is the largest groundwater recharge area on the island.

Savary Island

“SILT is thrilled to see the Heart of Savary protected after more than 20 years of working towards this goal. We are grateful for the support of the Friends of Savary who made this opportunity possible, and to John Nichol and Dick Whittall whose donation in 2002 was pivotal to starting the process,” said Liz Webster, Executive Director of SILT. “As a small land trust, we are thankful for the many donors who contributed to this campaign. The incredible generosity is a testimony to how much people love this island.”

“Over 175 Savary Island residents donated $3.5 million and a land management endowment through the Friends of Savary and SILT to make this happen. It was truly a community effort,” said John O’Neill of the Friends of Savary DL 1375, a group of volunteers who led the negotiations to acquire the land for The Nature Trust of BC.

The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leader in land conservation in the province. We conserve and care for BC’s most critical natural habitats for vulnerable wildlife and plants. Since 1971 we have protected more than 175,000 acres (71,000 hectares) with our partners.

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