Biologist and CEO of The Nature Trust of British Columbia, Dr Jasper Lament has been appointed to the new advisory council of the Together for Wildlife strategy, by Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

The Council will bring diverse expertise in wildlife stewardship and advise the Minister on the implementation of this new wildlife strategy.

“I am honoured to be chosen to be a part of this ground breaking and innovative council,” said Jasper Lament. “I applaud the government for recognizing the urgent need to take action for wildlife and to seek input from British Columbians for the best outcomes.”

The new strategy commits to 24 actions to address the complex issues facing wildlife and habitat in BC.  The actions propose to address five goals: 1. that all British Columbians have a voice in wildlife stewardship, 2. Data, information and knowledge drive better decisions, 3. Stewardship actions achieve tangible benefits for wildlife and their habitats, 4. Accountability and transparency build trust and confidence, 5. Collaborative wildlife stewardship advances reconciliation with Indigenous governments.

“These goals are important and challenging,” said Lament, “but they are also achievable if all stakeholders can work together, share resources and knowledge, and put the protection of wildlife and habitats first.”

Lament brings two decades of biology, conservation and non-profit experience to the table. As CEO of the largest regional land trust in Canada, The Nature Trust of BC, he knows the importance of forging long-standing partnerships across the conservation community. “At The Nature Trust we are stewarding more than 175,000 acres of conservation land and as an organization we have been acquiring and caring for land for almost 50 years. Our success depends on strong partnerships.”

“We have a real opportunity here to address some of the most pressing issues affecting wildlife today,” he said, “BC has more biodiversity than any other province in the country and is home to some species found nowhere else in the world. The actions that we take today, will have impacts well into the future. This new strategy outlines the work that needs to be done.”

Also appointed to the council is long time Nature Trust Board Member, Doug Janz who served 32 years in the Ministry of Environment until his retirement in 2004 and has been an active member of the conservation community ever since.

The Together for Wildlife strategy was developed with collaboration and input from Indigenous peoples, rural  communities, academic institutions, and a wide range of resource industry, conservation, hunter, trapper, guide, recreation and tourism organizations as well as more than 1400 members of the public.

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