Savary is one of the most ecologically sensitive of all the Islands in the Strait of Georgia, and yet it is under the most pressure from potential development. In the last 20 years, development has more than tripled on Savary making preservation of the remaining sensitive areas and greenspaces on Savary increasingly important.

The Heart of Savary comprises 350 acres of the last undivided tracts of land on Savary Island. The land is currently owned  by The Nature Trust of BC.

Savary Island Map and Beachfront

This conservation area features the greatest remaining example of dunes within the rare Coastal Douglas-Fir biogeoclimatic zone (CDF) and one of the best examples of coastal sand dunes in Canada. Home to two plant species at risk, the Grey Beach Peavine and the Contorted-pod Evening-primrose, this critical dune habitat must be protected from development. Moving inland, the Heart of the Island is also home to some old forest greater than 250 years old and mature second growth forest greater than 80 years old; the area too holds the largest groundwater recharge zone on Savary.

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