Trisha Beaty

Trisha Beaty, a family physician, is currently teaching in the Department of Medicine at UBC. She worked in public health clinics, travel medicine clinics, and general medical practice after receiving her medical degree at UBC and further training in New Zealand. Her undergraduate education in zoology and subsequent work with BC Parks fueled her interest in BC’s natural history and ecology. She is a committed birdwatcher and amateur marine biologist and participates actively in citizen science in these areas. Trisha is a director of the Sitka Foundation and has enjoyed being involved with projects promoting biodiversity, conservation and climate change issues over the past 10 years. She is also a director of the Coastal Ocean Research Institute. Her recreational interests include kayaking, hiking, gardening and bicycling. She lives on Bowen Island, Howe Sound.

Trisha has been a Director since 2017.