Brianna Powrie

Ecosystems Biologist

Brianna Powrie started her environmental career as an Environmental Consultant, working on many different industrial projects involving a diverse array of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems spanning from southern to northern BC. Most recently, she worked on a Wetlands Restoration Project aiming to enhance grassland wetlands located within critical habitat for Species at Risk. Prior to consulting, Brianna spent time in Costa Rica as a Bird Monitoring Intern at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. Currently, she volunteers as a monitor for the BC Marsh Monitoring Program and Vancouver Avian Research Centre’s Bluebird Box Project near Merritt.

Brianna grew up in Kamloops and developed a love for nature early on, spending many family vacations on camping and hiking trips exploring the outdoors. Brianna is very passionate about conservation and is excited to be working for The Nature Trust to help preserve BC’s amazing biodiversity.

Brianna received a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from Quest University Canada with a focus on Environmental Studies.

In her spare time, Brianna loves camping, skiing, mountain biking, and playing the French Horn in the community orchestra.

Brianna joined The Nature Trust in 2023.