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The Nicomen Slough property is located in the Fraser Valley between Mission and Deroche. It covers 11.6 hectares (28.7 acres) and features wetlands and creeks.

The Fraser Valley is Canada’s most important wintering area for migratory birds. The Nicomen Slough property is home to a wide variety of birds including the blue-listed Great Blue Heron and Western Screech Owl. The slough is a wintering area for migratory waterfowl such as Trumpeter Swans and an estimated 100 to 200 can be found there from late November through January.

Nicomen Slough contributes to the mosaic of conservation lands in the Fraser Valley such as The Nature Trust’s McGillivray Slough property, Bert Brink Wildlife Management Area and more. These provide critical habitat for migratory birds and fish.

Carleton MacNaughton, Interior & Coastal Mainland Conservation Land Manager

Nicomen Slough is a remnant side channel of the Fraser River, connecting Inch Creek and Norrish Creek with the Fraser River, thereby providing habitat for some of the largest runs of salmon in the Fraser Valley. Coho, Chinook, Chum, Sockeye, and Pink are known to use Nicomen Slough to reach spawning areas. White Sturgeon have been observed at the mouth of Nicomen Slough leading to the Fraser River.

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