A donation of land can help in different ways. Before arranging a gift of land, please contact us.

Gifts of Conservation Land

The Nature Trust of BC accepts donations of land. But, prior to receiving the gift and accepting it as a conservation property, your land will require assessment to determine whether it meets our ecological criteria and land portfolio priorities. We want to work with you to be sure this gift meets both your wishes and the needs of the organization.

If you are interested in donating a Canadian property through a gift that is tax deductible in the US, learn more here.

Donations of Ecogifts

Donations of land to The Nature Trust of BC may qualify as an Ecogift by Environment and Climate Change Canada. This federal program provides extra tax benefits to the landowners who wish to donate ecologically significant land. The capital gain taxes on disposition of the lands are eliminated. The tax credit for the value of the land can be applied to 100 per cent of the annual taxable income as well as carried forward up to 10 years.

Donations of Conservation Land

Donations of land for conservation that do not qualify as Ecogifts continue to benefit from a 50% exemption from capital gains tax. This land may be considered by The Nature Trust of BC for conservation. Another option is to gift this land with the instruction that The Nature Trust is to sell the property and use the proceeds for land conservation work.