Last year, we wrote about The Wood Brothers, a Nashville-based Roots band who decided that one dollar from each concert ticket sold to their shows would end up in the hands of The Nature Trust of BC. Bass player and singer Chris Wood – now a BC resident – decided conservation was a critical priority and arranged donations from the band’s US concerts to go to American Friends of Canadian Conservation (AFCC), who then gave the funds to The Nature Trust of BC. This money was matched 2 dollars for every 1 dollar by the US Fish and Wildlife Service thanks to the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA).

Photo: Alysse Gafkjen

“We have to do things for wildlife for its own sake, and conservation is so important for wildlife. Land acquisitions are so important for conservation, and The Nature Trust is doing a great job of securing land,” said Chris in an interview last year.

The Wood Brothers donations, plus the matching funds, helped The Nature Trust of BC acquire and protect the Shoal Creek Estuary and Columbia Lake North – Wetlands conservation areas.

The Shoal Creek Estuary is located amid the coastal mountains of BC’s Central Coast. It is a fascinating meeting between land and sea, home to multiple iconic species such as Pacific Salmon and the Grizzly Bear.

The Columbia Lake feeds the mighty Columbia River, which flows south through the US and forms the border between Washington and Oregon into the Pacific Ocean. The valley welcomes all kinds of wildlife, including moose, elk, grizzly bears, wolverines and badgers and is an internationally important site for migratory birds.

Shoal Creek Estuary from Above

The Wood Brothers have decided to continue these donations for The Nature Trust in 2023. We appreciate the confidence that Chris, his brother Oliver, and drummer/pianist Jano Rix have shown in our conservation mission and look forward to their ongoing support.

The Wood Brothers have a new record coming out this year and will be touring extensively, including February stops in Seattle and Portland.  Remember, if you buy a ticket to their show you will be helping The Nature Trust do what they do best!

Cover Photo: Vic Brazen