Nature is here for you, providing wonderful places to relax and rejuvenate during these stressful times.

We invite you to take a virtual visit to some of our properties in BC, over the next few weeks.  The first in our series is the spectacular Columbia River Wetlands – Edgewater in the Kootenay.

These conservation lands cover 423 acres (171.5 hectares). They are home to threatened Grizzly Bears and endangered American Badgers. And during the winter, Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer and Moose come here for food and cover.

The wetlands are an important area for migratory birds to rest and feed before continuing on their journey.   For more information about this and other Nature Trust properties, please visit our interactive property map.

Conserving these special places is what The Nature Trust does.

We hope that this moment has lifted your spirits – our gift to you.

We will be bringing you more de-stressing virtual visits that will take you to the edge of lakes, up the mountains, and into the forests on our properties across beautiful B.C.

Photos by Graham Osborne