At our Gala Debra Hewson, President and CEO of Odlum Brown Limited, congratulated The Nature Trust of British Columbia on our 45th anniversary. She highlighted the lengthy connection between the two organizations going back to the founder of Odlum Brown, Tom Brown. Tom served on the board of The Nature Trust for 21 years and was one of our original directors. He was instrumental in establishing The Nature Trust as the fiscally responsible land conservation force that it is today.

In recognition of The Nature Trust’s 45th anniversary, Ms. Hewson announced the Odlum Brown Land Acquisition Fund would be established with a gift of $45,000. These funds will be used to acquire properties in the areas where Odlum Brown has offices: on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley and the Okanagan. Thanks to Odlum Brown Limited for this very special gift.

Donations of publicly traded securities to The Nature Trust of BC are managed by Odlum Brown Limited. If you would like to learn about donating shares, please contact Scott Reston at 604-669-1600 or