Just over a year ago The Nature Trust of BC collaborated with the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC to install new homes for Burrowing Owls. This project was undertaken on our White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch.

Left: Lauren Meads gently bands an owl | Right: Conservation Youth Crew assist in taking measurements

This past week our Okanagan Conservation Land Manager, Nicholas Burdock, and the Okanagan Conservation Youth Crew joined Lauren Meads, the Executive Director of the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC to band three of the eight pairs of owls that had been released earlier this year.

Left: prior to release of the banded owls | Right: observing the status of the habitat via camera attached to a cable

It was exciting to find that two of the three pairs had laid eggs and were adapting incredibly well to their new habitat. Lauren Meads banded the owls while Nicholas and the Crew assisted and observed the process.

The Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC is an environmental organization working to restore self-sustaining populations of these tiny ground-dwelling birds of prey to the southern interior grasslands of BC. Burrowing Owls are listed as a species at risk in Canada.