We are happy to announce another artist partnership!

If you’re looking to buy some beautiful professional contemporary art and help donate to The Nature Trust of BC then head to Monica Gewurz’s web site. Monica Gewurz has generously decided to donate 10% of her profits from her art portfolio sales during the months of June and July.

Monica Gewurz is an internationally recognized artist. Her innovative, luminous and textured mixed-media art has been influenced by her scientific background and her numerous travels.

For her, the natural world is more than an inspiration for her art. It influences the very nature of the purpose of art and how it is created. That purpose is to use art as a vehicle to highlight how humanity has changed the environment.

“My artwork expresses the joy and awe I feel for nature, and my emotional connection to the world. The scenes I choose stir me emotionally and then I transpose that feeling into the message of the painting”.

We want to thank her for her talent and generosity!