Acquiring land is only the first step in The Nature Trust’s conservation program. We need to care for these properties. This is why The Nature Trust is fundraising for a land management endowment for three properties donated to us in 2020: Breton Island–Whitridge Reserve, Marsden Face–Rixen Creek and Cowichan River–Gibbins Road.

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Giving land to conservation is an amazing act. But each of these gifts needs to be cared for in perpetuity.  Our land management team surveys each property, creates customized management plans, puts those plans into action, and reports on the health of the properties.

Part of the fundraising goal for each property acquired by The Nature Trust of BC is allocated to the ongoing expenses of land management and restoration.

In many ways land management is the key to conservation success. But it is also time and labour intensive.

After the acquisition of a property, our land managers often have to organize and perform restoration work including removing buildings, structures, and trash. Waterways need to be restored, invasive plants need to be removed, habitats need to be protected and plans need to be implemented to support the vulnerable species that make these properties valuable for conservation.

Each property must be periodically assessed to ensure that the land, and the species that live there are growing and thriving.

If you value what we do, please consider making a gift to support the land management endowment of these three properties.