Update from Jasper Lament, Chief Executive Officer:

On behalf of The Nature Trust of BC, I would like to add my voice to the many land trusts across Canada in celebrating the latest news about conservation.

The recent Federal budget announced $1.3 billion over five years for conservation in Canada. This confirms our country’s commitment to the goal of protecting 17% of our land and 10% of our water by 2020.

The new $1 billion Nature Fund consists of a Federal contribution of $500 million and $500 million in matching funds from conservation organizations and other partners.

The Nature Trust of BC is pleased that this fund will help to protect private land and will strengthen collaborations with indigenous, provincial and corporate partners.

Private land is some of the most at risk and most ecologically significant in the country. We look forward to working with our supporters to raise donations that will allow us to access the Nature Fund and continue to expand land conservation in BC.

We would specifically like to thank Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Morneau and Minister McKenna and Environment and Climate Change Canada. We would also like to salute the contributions of the Canadian Land Trust Working Committee, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Nature Conservancy of Canada.