We have committed to caring for our properties forever. Our land management team creates customized management plans for each property, taking into account the kind of management necessary, restoration work, maintenance and budget. Management is an important and ongoing part of everything we do.

In 2020, one of the major management projects undertaken by our team was replacing the bridge over Cherry (Mather) Creek, on the The Nature Trust’s Bummers Flats – Cherry Creek Conservation Property. Over the last number of years, both the wooden structure and the concrete abutments were becoming increasingly unsafe for crossing. Specifically, high water levels in the spring of 2013 undermined the bridge abutments, which progressively worsened afterwards.

This bridge provides access to the lower fields of the property. These fields include an extensive complex of wetlands that the team has recently restored, which require annual maintenance and monitoring. Emergency access is also necessary for wildfire crews, as the property is within close proximity to local communities.

The new bridge is a 13.4 meter (44 foot) steel l-beam superstructure—a big step up from the old log stringer bridge that was there. The project budget was approximately $80,000.

The community really came together to help make this project a success. The BC Real Estate Association contributed financially, as well as Mardis Forest Products with discounted lumber. Special thanks also goes out to VAST Resource Solutions and Fiorentino Bros Contracting Ltd. for their expertise and support during the project.