A shadowed drone photo of a river running through a forest with mountains and clouds in the background. Overlaid is two logos, one for Nature's Way Canada and the other for The Nature Trust of BC

Conservation relies on strong partnerships between people and organizations committed to the cause of securing and protecting natural landscapes.  We love to work with other organizations that care as strongly for nature as we do. Therefore, it brings us great pleasure to work with Nature’s Way Canada, one of Canada’s leaders in natural health products, as they take a major step into BC conservation.

Based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Nature’s Way Canada specializes in producing sustainably sourced natural health products that support human health in a meaningful way. They produce everything from omega-3 fish oils to herbs to cold and flu symptom relief products, made with naturally sourced ingredients. The majority of products come in recyclable or recycled packaging, maintaining a strong sustainability mandate.

Nature’s Way also participates in 1% For the Planet, an initiative in which companies donate one percent of their sales to organizations that protect our natural world. At Nature’s Way Canada, 1% of their net sales from NutraSea and NutraVege products for a given year is donated to an organization devoted to environmental conservation and stewardship. In a vote, Nature’s Way employees across Canada selected The Nature Trust of British Columbia as a recipient for this year from a nomination by Megan Davies, Senior Manager of Regional Accounts for BC.

Two brown bottles, one with a green cap (NutraVege) and one with a white cap (NutraSea), on a blue ocean background. On the right in white, reads, "1% for the Planet Member"

“I wanted to contribute to an organization that was in my home province of British Columbia,” says Davies, “We’d like to make sure that we’re donating to organizations that are aligned with our beliefs in sustainability and doing good work for the planet.”

The donations from Nature’s Way to The Nature Trust of BC will go directly towards conserving critical habitat across the province. By buying Nature’s Way NutraSea and NutraVege products, your dollars will go towards purchasing land to protect for generations to come. Currently, we are fundraising to protect the Little Qualicum River, which provides essential habitat for salmon spawning and countless other species.

We are very grateful for this incredible contribution, and we can’t wait to work with Nature’s Way going forward. In addition to a flat donation, Nature’s Way has a retailer initiative starting in April calling attention to 1% for the Planet and all purchases of NutraSea and NutraVege continue to add dollars to member organizations like ours. Their in-store marketing displays will carry The Nature Trust logo, so keep an eye out in stores!

A label for NutraSea and NutraVege products which outlines the 1% for the Planet program, with The Nature Trust Logo. In the middle of the label is two bottles, with the title card "Omega-3 that gives back"

Furthermore, The Nature Trust of BC will be just one conservation organization to receive donations from Nature’s Way this year. In 2002, Nature’s Way Canada was the first Natural Health Products manufacturer to join the 1% for the Planet network. More than 20 years later, NutraSea and NutraVege remain committed to ensuring the future of our world. Giving 1% of their annual omega-3 sales every year through this partnership ensures funding for the important non-profits across Canada working to protect our planet and its resources.

“Since joining 1% for the Planet, we have donated over $1 million to other member organizations. It’s making sure that we give back to having a continuing cycle of being able to use plants for our products, and ensuring that we’re contributing both to keeping Canadians healthy and supporting the environment.” says Davies.

Thank you Nature’s Way for your incredible generosity and all your incredible work. We really appreciate everything that you do for nature!