The Nature Trust of British Columbia is pleased to congratulate Elizabeth A. Evans on receiving the 2022 Nature Trust of BC Artist of the Year Award!

The Nature Trust is honoured to partner with the Federation of Canadian Artists on this wonderful exhibition – a celebration of nature and art. We made a call for submissions and were pleased to receive 164 pieces of art from 96 BC-based artists.

Evans’s painting “The Intruder” was selected as the winner after a long period of deliberation. Her piece is meticulously painted using small bricks of colour – creating a style that has affectionately been called “Brick-ilism”. These bricks come together to create a spectacular scene of geese gracing a beautiful BC wetland at sunrise, water, islands and all. This painting evokes a familiar sense of being an intruder in the beauty of wilderness in this province, a sense shared by the judges.

The Intruder

Evans is an artist based in Gibsons, a hotbed for BC artistic talent, but she grew up near Montreal. Her art reflects her life spent travelling across Canada – whether it’s the childhood memories of the East, trips to the Maritimes, the mountains and the ocean of the West Coast, or the appreciation of nature that comes from the simple pleasure of gardening. She sees beauty all around her and shares that in her work.

We want to acknowledge some other people that helped make this event happen. Helen Duckworth, the Federation of Canadian Artists’ Gallery Coordinator, conceived of and meticulously organized this exhibit and award and has shared her joy for natural world. Monica Gewurz, AFC member and special volunteer for The Nature Trust, saw Helen’s vision and introduced our two organizations. Thank you both for your incredible contributions!

Thank you to all artists that contributed work to this exhibition. We appreciate all your hard work and your fantastic contribution to BC conservation!