This 35.4 hectare (87.5 acre) property is adjacent to our existing Skaha Lake Property complex which is included in the McTaggart-Cowan/Nsək’łniw’t Wildlife Management Area (WMA). This WMA is 6,491 hectares (16,033 acres) primarily secured for the protection and management of Bighorn Sheep habitat.

The topography throughout the parcel is ideal for Bighorn Sheep. It is generally steep with some flat benchlands interspersed throughout. The lower portions are grasslands, transitioning through mixed forest at the mid-level to rocky terrain at higher elevations.

This parcel is located in two of the most endangered biogeoclimatic zones: Bunchgrass and Ponderosa Pine. This property is important for supporting at-risk species such as Bighorn Sheep, White-throated Swift, and the Western Rattlesnake. It has the potential to support the endangered American Badger.


This property is one of the last remaining undeveloped benchlands on the eastside of Skaha Lake. It takes you only a few steps to recognize how beautiful this location is and why it is so important that it remain in a natural state. There are many rare plants and animals that rely on this landscape; it really is a special place in the South Okanagan.

Nicholas Burdock, Okanagan Conservation Land Coordinator

Management objectives will focus on increasing the quality of Bighorn Sheep habitat, improving connectivity and sheep movement within the adjacent WMA and decreasing human-caused disturbance. Purchasing the property will also reduce the risk of disease transmission by excluding domestic sheep and goats.

The estimated total project cost is $1.3 million which includes land acquisition, legal, appraisal and land management. With donations and confirmed pledges, we still need to raise $500,000 by June 30, 2017. Any help with this outstanding balance would be greatly appreciated.

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