Your gift will help restore land for wildlife when you sponsor the planting of a native tree or shrub on Vancouver Island. Your support will improve habitat at two restoration projects so that fish and wildlife continue to thrive and that the land supports healthy ecosystems.

There is a direct connection between native plant species and native insects. When native plants disappear, the insects disappear, which impacts birds and other animals.


Donate $75 – Sponsor the planting of 5 trees (such as Grand Fir, Pacific Willow, Coastal Douglas Fir, Red Alder, Western Red Cedar, or Hemlock)

Donate $50 – Sponsor the planting of 5 shrubs or perennials (such as Saskatoon Berry, Nootka Rose, Pearly Everlasting, Red Huckleberry, Ocean Spray or Bracken Fern)

Donate $25 – Sponsor the planting of 1 tree and 1 shrub

Donate $15 – Sponsor the planting of 1 tree

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Cobble Hill – Sandersons Royd

This property features mature second-growth forest and older growth cedar trees. Running through the property is Shawnigan Creek, a source of excellent riparian habitat. This land is home to deer, black bear, several bird species, fish, and the endangered Edwards’ Beach Moth, among others.

Englishman River Estuary

Estuaries comprise less than 3% of the entire BC shoreline yet they provide habitat for 80% of coastal fish and wildlife species. They are formed where rivers enter the ocean and freshwater mixes with saltwater, and are among the most productive ecosystems on earth. The Englishman is a critical estuary that supports over 250 bird species, 23 mammals, plus several amphibians, reptiles, and all species of Pacific Salmon.

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