In 2016 The Nature Trust of BC acquired South Winchelsea Island near Nanaimo. This 11 hectare (27 acre) island is part of the Ballenas-Winchelsea Archipelago off Vancouver Island. We need your help to support land management projects to protect the rare plants and wildlife that live here.

South Winchelsea Island offers opportunities to see Bald Eagles, Black Oystercatchers, and numerous other birds. The tall Douglas-fir trees contain several eagle nests and up to 75 eagles have been seen around the Island at a time. During March rafts of diving birds stop to feed on herring while travelling to northern and interior BC breeding grounds. The rocky shores are haul-outs for the Blue-listed Steller Sea Lion and California sea lion in winter.

The Nature Trust’s focus on the Coastal Douglas Fir Zone is aimed at turning the tide of species and habitat loss in the region.

Dr. Peter Arcese, Director

South Winchelsea Island is located in a biogeoclimatic zone of provincial conservation concern – moist maritime Coastal Douglas Fir. The island includes sensitive Garry Oak ecosystems and coastal bluff. The natural complex of grasses, forest, and rocky shorelines provides the physical attributes that supports at least two SARA-listed species; the Steller Sea Lion and Water-Plantain Buttercup, as well as the Blue-listed Geyer’s Onion.

Land management activities include removing invasive plants, monitoring, removing debris, improving fencing to protect fragile coastal bluffs, and installing interpretive signage.

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