In 2015, we purchased 165 acres in the Salmon River estuary near Campbell River on Vancouver Island, which complements the adjacent 257 acres already secured by The Nature Trust and its partners since 1978. To ensure that salmon, elk and other species thrive on this land, we need your support for these important restoration projects.

The Salmon River estuary is the only significant area of coastal wetland habitat located on the relatively steep and rugged 250 km stretch of coastline from Campbell River to the network of estuaries on the Quatsino lowlands. This strategic location provides critical habitat to numerous species of fish and wildlife, including Great Blue Heron, Marbled Murrelet, Northern Pygmy Owl, Roosevelt Elk, migratory waterfowl and all five species of Pacific salmon. Of the approximately 3,200 Roosevelt Elk in British Columbia, the vast majority live on Vancouver Island. Efforts continue to restore them to their historic range, but northern Vancouver Island, including the Salmon River, remains the core of their range in Canada.