The Nature Trust of BC has the opportunity to save a 1052 hectare (2,600 acre) grassland property which is home to rare and endangered species with your help. Located near the community of Princeton, we are working to acquire this property in three phases.

We are very close to raising the funds needed to complete phase II of this outstanding project. Please help us donating to the project before October 31, 2020.

Phase II covers 390 hectares (963 acres), and features grasslands, forests, wetlands and riparian zones. Most of this property remains in a relatively natural state. Only 1% of British Columbia is covered with grasslands which provide habitat for 30% of BC’s species at risk.

Grasslands support more threatened and endangered plants and animals than any other habitat type in the province.

The endangered American Badger has been seen on the boundary of this property. The threatened Northern Goshawk and Barn Swallow have been observed near the western boundary. In addition, Princeton Grasslands provides critical habitat for threatened Lewis’s Woodpecker and endangered Williamson’s Sapsucker, and important winter range for Mule Deer.

The size and habitat variation of this property significantly contributes to its conservation value. To effectively protect species, the best strategy is to secure land on a landscape level. Large areas with mixed habitats support more of the life needs of species that don’t travel very far. Larger areas also mean that the habitat will be more resilient to impacts from the surrounding area.

How You Can Help

We are excited to let you know that Jan Oudenes and Isobel Ralston, through their fund MapleCross, have agreed to match up to $650,000 in donations. This is an outstanding opportunity to double the value of your gift and to do twice as much for land conservation in BC.

Please consider a donation to help us purchase this special land. You can donate online, call our office at 604.924.9771 (toll free 1.866.288.7878) or mail a cheque to #500 – 888 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 3K4.