The South Okanagan with its rolling native grasslands is a “hot spot” for biodiversity, hosting more at-risk species than anywhere else in BC. The Nature Trust of BC has protected this diversity for many years on the White Lake Biodiversity Ranch, a combined sustainable ranch and grassland conservation area.

We need your help to add 151 acres (61 hectares) to this complex with the Park Rill Floodplain property. Boasting natural grassy and wetland terrains, Park Rill Floodplain will increase the conservation of biodiversity and connectivity of wildlife habitats.

Located approximately 3 km northwest of the community of Willowbrook within the Okanagan Similkameen Regional District, Park Rill Floodplain is a 151 acre (61 hectare) addition to the White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch complex. With the addition of the Park Rill Floodplain to the White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch, The Nature Trust of BC can increase the resilience and connectivity of these South Okanagan grasslands.

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Park Rill Floodplain and its diversity of sensitive ecosystems support many species of conservation concern. Peregrine Falcons stalk through the daytime skies while Western Screech Owls hunt through the night. Brewer’s Sparrows chirp a lovely song from tree branches, next to threatened Lewis’s Woodpeckers.

Endangered American Badgers burrow in the grounds of Park Rill Floodplain, while at dawn and dusk the Nuttall’s Cottontail, a rabbit species of conservation concern, can be seen through the underbrush. Mule deer descend from higher elevations in winter and American Black Bears visit in summer.

Left to right: Nuttall’s Cottontail, Brewer’s Sparrow, Western Rattlesnake

The property likely contains vital habitat for amphibians like the endangered Western Tiger Salamander with its striking black and yellow mottling and the threatened Great Basin Spadefoot, a frog that spends much of its time underground, along with reptiles like the threatened Great Basin Gopher Snakes and Western Rattlesnakes.

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In order to seize this acquisition opportunity, we need your help to raise $600,000 by June 30, 2021.

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