Help us acquire a key property in the White Lake Basin in the South Okanagan. The 32.2 hectare (80 acre) parcel features sagebrush steppe, grassland, broadleaf woodlands, wetlands, and rocky outcrops as well as Park Rill Creek which runs through the property.

“The White Lake Basin is one of the gems in The Nature Trust of BC’s conservation land portfolio,” said Nick Burdock, Okanagan Conservation Land Coordinator. “The Park Rill Creek property is one of the finest examples of mixed riparian habitat along the Park Rill corridor. You really get the sense that this piece of land has been cared for in a way that protected its conservation values.”

It provides habitat for the endangered Half-moon Hairstreak butterfly and other rare species such as Brewer’s Sparrow, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Painted Turtle and Blotched Tiger Salamander. The property would be added to The Nature Trust of British Columbia’s White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch complex.

The South Okanagan is an important area for conservation because it has species and ecosystems that are not found anywhere else in Canada and in some cases the world. And many of the species are at risk (over 1/3 of all species at risk in BC are found here).

Please donate or call us with any questions at 604.924.9771 (or toll free 1.866.288.7878).