This land features outstanding habitat for bears, birds, badgers and more.

This property near Radium Hot Springs features forest, shrub-steppe, and grassland intermixed, steep clay banks, wetlands, and floodplain. It provides habitat for the Blue-listed common Cattail Marsh, Red-listed American Badger and Blue-listed Grizzly Bear, and winter range for Mule Deer, Elk, White-tailed Deer and Moose.

The Columbia River Wetlands-Edgewater property contains a rich mosaic of habitats, with wetlands along the Columbia River as one of its most significant features. It provides a wildlife corridor by filling in a gap in the Columbia Wetlands Wildlife Management Area creating a more natural boundary for connectivity along and across the valley bottom. The Columbia Wetlands Wildlife Management Area has significant migratory bird habitat for over 200 species. The Columbia Wetlands are internationally recognized for their diversity and variety of wildlife and as important resting and breeding habitats for waterfowl and migratory birds of the Pacific flyway.

Columbia River Wetland Edgewater

"The Columbia River Wetlands-Edgewater property has incredible diversity, ranging from wetlands to grasslands and open forest habitats,” said Chris Bosman, Kootenay Conservation Land Manager for The Nature Trust of BC. “From the upper benches, the views across the Columbia Valley and up and down the Rocky Mountain Trench are stunning. As a multi-generational family ranch, the land has been well cared for over the years by a conservation minded family. The Nature Trust looks forward to securing this important property complex and carrying on the tradition of responsible land stewardship.”

One of The Nature Trust of BC’s goals is to add new properties to existing ones to create larger complexes which are beneficial for the health of wildlife and plants. The Columbia River Wetlands-Edgewater property will be added to Nature Trust conservation lands that are part of the Columbia National Wildlife Area.

The Columbia National Wildlife Area is located in the southern part of the spectacular Rocky Mountain Trench. The trench stretches almost uninterrupted from the border with Montana in the south to the Liard Plain in the north, and separates the Rocky Mountains to the east from the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains to the west.

Please consider donating to this project to help with acquisition, legal, start up and land management costs. Every dollar helps. You can donate online or call us, including any questions at 604.924.9771 (or toll free 1.866.288.7878).

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