The Nature Trust of British Columbia was founded with a grant from the Federal Government celebrating BC’s centennial in 1971. In support of our Fall Gala on September 27, we are launching our Canada 150 Campaign to raise $150,000 for land conservation.

We have 150 reasons–and more–why supporting The Nature Trust is a great thing to do. Here are 5 of our favourite projects:

  1. Help us restore habitat on the Englishman River estuary and you will keep Brant geese and other migratory birds coming back to one of Vancouver Island’s most important estuaries.
  2. Help us restore native coastal vegetation on South Winchelsea Island and you will be conserving endangered Coastal Douglas-fir.
  3. Help us expand our White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch in the Okanagan and you will be protecting low elevation grasslands.
  4. Help us restore grassland and open forest on our recently acquired Bull River property in the Kootenays and you will be helping blue-listed Bighorn sheep, red-listed American Badger as well as deer, elk and other wildlife.
  5. Help us continue our Conservation Youth Crew Program and you will be training the next generation of conservation professionals.

The Grayross Foundation and Don and Jeri Krogseth have kindly agreed to match the first $75,000 in donations to reach our goal of $150,000.