Gifts of Land

Donation of Ecogifts

Under Environment Canada’s Ecogift program, Canadian landowners may donate ecologically sensitive land (or easements and covenants on such land) to approved conservation organizations such as The Nature Trust of BC. Ecogifts are 100% tax exempt from capital gains tax.

As part of the Ecogift process Environment Canada certifies that the land in question is ecologically sensitive and an expert panel certifies the value of the donation.

For further information, please contact our office or visit Environment Canada

Donation of Conservation Land

Donations of land for conservation that do not qualify as Ecogifts continue to benefit from a 50% exemption from capital gains tax.

Donation of Conservation Land by U.S. Owners

US taxpayers who wish to donate to a Canadian conservation organization now have a way to do this. American Friends of Canadian Land Trust will facilitate donation of land and funding from US taxpayers to Canadian conservation organizations. More information can be found at the Canadian Land Trust Alliance.


We work with landowners to establish conservation covenants. Covenants are legally binding agreements that restrict the uses of specific portion of land that are deemed ecologically significant. These voluntary agreements may result in reduced property taxes or other favourable tax considerations by appropriate government authorities.

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