Conservation Youth Crews

We would like to ask for your help to support our Conservation Youth Crew program which provides a wonderful opportunity to inspire the next generation to care about the environment while also teaching them valuable skills.The Nature Trust of BC hires crews each summer to tackle a wide variety of conservation activities on properties across the province and prepare them for future employment. Training includes First Aid and Bear Aware as well as the safe handling of power tools. The crews perform on-the-ground work as well as attending workshops from specialists in the field on topics such as bird counts and forest ecology.
Crews were operating in 2015 on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, the South Okanagan, and the East Kootenay. Activities included:

  • Grassland restoration through seed collection and invasive plant removal
  • Construction and repair of riparian fencing
  • Informational sign installation
  • Rubbish removal from conservation holdings
  • Forest habitat restoration
  • Vegetation and wildlife research
  • Installation of bird nesting boxes

“Learning the theory and applications of conservation biology in my studies has allowed me to understand the importance of biodiversity. However, working for The Nature Trust has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to apply so much of what I have learned in a real world setting, where I have been able to experience conservation action with my own two hands.” – Colin Mayer, South Okanagan Crew

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