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As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we partnered with the Scout Island Nature Centre – to hold a writing contest in October. Entries focused on the Nature Centre and its importance to individuals and their community.

Located in the heart of Williams Lake, Scout Island Nature Centre is very special to The Nature Trust because it provides a unique opportunity for people of all ages to get close and personal with plants, birds, mammals, insects and even reptiles. As our third acquisition, we purchased this property in 1973 and lease it to the City of Williams Lake. The Williams Lake Field Naturalists operate the environmental features of the park.

Here are excerpts from some of the winners:

In the Adult Category, first prize went to Maggie Ranger who wrote:
“…my grandson Ryver says “Geese! Ducks!” and that is his way of asking to go to Scout Island.  A few weeks ago, when we heard thunder there, Ryver rubs his fingers together and makes a kissing sound.  He says “Rainbow, rainbow…kiss, kiss, kiss.”  Lo and behold, we turn to walk back to the car and there is the most vivid, spectacular rainbow I have ever seen…magic…yes, years of magic…thank you, Scout Island”

In the High School Category, winner Sam Delacherois beautifully expressed a wealth of memories including:
“Scout Island is a place to let go
A place to say your final goodbye
Watching the balloons float to the sky
A note of desire and hope fastened on the string
As it soars through the clouds
That Sunday of every May.”

In the Intermediate Category, Mia Leblanc took first prize with:
“I think Scout Island is a good place to be because it’s calm.  So when you’re upset or mad, you can go there and you will forget why you were even mad and upset.”

And lastly, in the Primary Category, first prize went to Candice-Rose Mapson with her letter inviting a friend to visit Scout Island. In it she writes:
“Dear Keleey:  I hope you get a chance to visit Scout Island.  It is sooo cool with all its little paths and boardwalks.  I just love it…Just watch out, it’s animal friendly so don’t hurt any of the animals there.  But I’m telling you, you really should go because it rules sooo much.”

Congratulations to all the winners!

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